February 22

Letter to Jude


I hope you like me in your class. This is the first time I have ever been in the class. It’s a big step from moving from the grade 4 to 5/6


My family means a lot to me because my dad’s Australian and my mums Spanish and I know how to speak some Spanish. My brothers and I always fight every day.


On the holiday I had a fun time at lake tyres, we catch flatheads and I went to the fair and the beach was amazing. At Dartmouth I kayaked down the snowy river and hade the best genes dugout which was really good.


I like to read books like Goosebumps, the hobbit and David Williams’s books. My faviote movie at the cinema would be star wars the force awakens, spectre and the peanuts the movie.


I also went to the Buchan caves it is two caves, fairy caves and royal. The cave was small some of it but my dad is tall so he crawl. I also went to mount wills and drove it list 83kg and walked 3 kg and the lookout was amazing.


My holidays was crawling full of surprises I can’t wait to go to school and see what we get up to.

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February 11

why I’m valued member in the class room


Because I’m awesome and help everyone, so I want to show what I can do in the classroom.


I’m amazing, super and fantastic at writing all sorts of tips of book. I always plan my stories before I write them. I made books and used the writing prossies. I like it to be quit when I write. Writing is fun because I write everything.


I use all tips of strategies to solve problems in maths. I also use a lot of mathematical toolbox strategies. I also know all the tips of subtitles like measurement, numbers and fractions. Maths is awesome because you can never learn everything about maths.


I’m a helpful Pearson that would do every every everyone. I have amazing positive attitude. I am very organised in the work place. And I’m a bit of perfections. I always help people when in need. I never judge other people for anything.


So this is why I’m an amazing student and valued member and I hope this year is awesome. I hope you’re impressed with me in your class. So let’s do this and it’s awesome.    “““



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