March 29

100w.c. Hard beautiful brown bread camera

The first time I saw the beast it was across the road from the bakery when I was getting bread. It was brown, its mouth hard his teeth and were beautifully dangerous. I wanted to take a picture whit my camera but he chewed it up. People at school suggest that it killed a kid and it can rip a person to shreds.

It can also rip metal in half and can whip people with its tail some people say it’s a man in a dog suit. It’s a secret that house is my house and my dog.

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March 28

Ando adventure

Ando the beloved stand-up comedian published a book about his family fleeing from Vietnam to Australia. I wonder what he survived on at like food and water at sea. Ando and his family left to not be in a war. Why can’t refuges come to Australia now? I wonder how refuges in the future are going to get to Australia.

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March 21

how can something so tiny

It was Friday the 13th the day of the devil. The grand lion orange will rise today I awaited it but it would never come I lay on the ground and cried until a trickle came on the orange. But how could something so tiny be big and tall until I could not see his face how was this orange going to help me. Thanks for unleashing my power now I will eat the human race. My first will be you. Gobble Gobble. It was known as a tradition on Friday the 13th he will eat 20 people. Gobble Gobble.

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March 16

so that is why i’m always last

That’s why I’m always last randy. For what again everything. Oh OK. How are you going to get back at everyone by playing a prank I set each class with powder colour to fall from the air vent that’s not it we do powder pranks in lockers, bathrooms, multipurpose room, s.p.c and playground then I will have my revenge. What do you think randy? Well to start cost way too much, hard to set up and when are we going to do it I won’t do it but I will have my revenge everyone for I am randy.

March 7

BTN#2 Australian people

this video was about the people and how the guards stole thing to be a convict because being a guard was boring  but they did not realise that they were going to be hurt in to to do hard labour. how did they they hurt them. I wonder when people and convicts had more rights

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March 2

camp recount

It was the time of year when there was camp. We started as soon as possible because we did a half an hour walk from camp to the seals lookout. The first activity was surfing which was surprising easy to do.

We did the most amazing thing seal tours because it was like being on a roller-coaster because it was very choppy. Geo chasing was a thinking activity but I had experience whit it because I do it on my phone.

Abseiling are tour guide said that we could only go down the cliff once. I’ve never done snorkelling before  so it was very fun but I got a lot of sea water in my mouth and we did not see any fish in the cage so that was a let down

We did some awesome sand boarding and I did 6 on the 6th one I fell on my face because of my friend gave me bad luck. In caving we rolled and crawled under crevices and cracks and my clothes with dirt

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March 2

BTN#1 aboriginals

video 1

the video is about the aboriginal people seeing all the new things that the English our bringing to Australia and seeing them invade is very sad the difference between the videos was that this one was after they had invaded and the people where just finding new land to colonise.

video 2

this one explained why and how the convicts came to Australia to newer future in a new land far far away

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