May 28

btn 1967 referendum

in 1967  the aborigines wanted rights to vote and to live  freely. a referendum is when the whole country changes the constitution to the better or worse. 90% voted yes and 10% voted no. i wonder who was the 10% that voted no. they had to protest to have a referendum but they finely got it after 10 years. i wonder if there id a aborigines minster.

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May 25

100w.c. the hands

there is a little tall of the stealing hands they can only be found at Lexington st from 7 to 8 pm. it steals all food it’s favourite is hamburgers. but one day it got captured. it was a short business man he was seating on the bench suddenly the police were walking by and saw me taking it they captured my hands it was stupid but it was the only way of life for me finally i went to prison for a month and it was amazing i stole so much. today that hand still steals stuff.

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May 23

school graph

i choose this graph because shows the hours of  TV. this graph also shows 1 to 4+ and shows o to 5 people.

more kids are having more hours of TV it really just keeps on going on.


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May 18

BTN# deep space project

you may think that the space  people are Russia and america we are also. we have the deep space project. which is a few satellite set up in Australia to send and receive messages from space. kept in touch with every space mission, the first is when they went to the moon in 1968. why is it called a deep space project.helps track space satellite. why did they want Australia to have deep space project. 50 years of deep space project. i wonder er if we will send a man to space.

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May 16

100w.c. wide orange crocodile within collapsed. the fidget man

in the year 2030

the fabric of the earth is a game show

the fidget man

hello ladies and gentleman. it’s the fidget man. if you don’t know the fidget man rules the competitors make there own fidget spinners and see how they can spin and fight it out. the prize is the golden diamond fidget spinners. know lets see are competitors Donna, Ollie and jack. Donna is out because the fidget spinner within  collapsed. Ollie has got a wide sculls and bones in aluminium. jack has orange crocodiles brass fidget spinner

surprisingly jack has won the golden fidget diamond fidget spinner

tune in next week on the fidget man.

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May 11

i just couldn’t eat that

it was a sunny Saturday afternoon and i was staying at my grandmas. i didn’t something big was coming it was something i just couldn’t eat. it was a toucan stuffed in a turkey and in a bowl of rainbow coloured  soup. i said yes it tasted like sweet, sour, horrible and worst of all it tasted like ****.

then there was dinner a rhinos tongue and stomics with green pene with purple tomato sauce. it tasted weirdly like the one before. i went to sleep and sleep for hours and hours until i woke up and thought. ow no breakfast!

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May 10

btn animal vieterens

such animals are Simpson and his donkey. most animals that fought in wars were dogs, birds, horses, donkeys, monkeys and cats. donkeys were easier than horses because they didn’t get hydrated. where do animals go after war or retired. carrier pigeons carried messages and were the first to get animal medals of honour. do they have underwater animals in wars.

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