June 29

project reflection


i worked with Alexia and we did the budgerigars i think we did very well and worked extremely together going in i wondered what the budgerigars where but know i know that the budgerigars are actually a budgie which is a bird that you can keep as a pet.


 they have a small size so they don’t need much water. they have a strong to confuse there to crack nuts and all the nuts they eat are high in water content. budgies always fly in flocks or groups to confuse there prey.


i learned they have a long tali to faster, smother, sharper turns and glide and also to fly away from there predators. they have three eyelids like the camel.


 i wonder if the budgie will be imported to other countries other than Australia and Britain.

what was the most important thing i learnt

budgies have long tails to help them fly faster and smoother through the air we also used this in are experiment. are experiment was that we through the paper plane with the long tail and one without the one with the tail flow further.

how did you learn it

 i got all of my info from the internet and the rest of the term we did the desert and i find that the budgie that they stay in flocks to confuse there prey.

what will I do with what I’ve learnt

in the future i will use this information if i have a budgie and i can teach other people about the budgerigars.


this term i have learned a lot about camels and there three eyes, the barking spiders hiss and the nursing sharks teeth. it has been a great term of adaptions like the sponge experiment, the water experiment and the my paper plane experiment.


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June 21

15 min fiction

down came the rain … i thought rain looked mesmerising but is is a blood bath on October 19th 2025 the earth came to a stop when the rain flooded everything and know we have to survive in the vast sea to find land. this is sea world.

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June 8

Korean war

61st anniversary of the Korean war. north Korea and south Korea were at war so we helped south Korea to glory. how did the Korean war start. when did it happen. i wonder when we will have peace between the countries

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June 8

tales of intrest


I opened my eyes…

I was in a dark and mysterious house with but no door. I saw a site of a magpie at the peak of the window. I was not afraid. The magpie laughed at me in pity. As I lay on the chair in the dark and mysterious house the magpie was flying right above me. I charged for the open window in a hope to get out but the magpie was fearers than me. As I looked in the eyes of the retched beast. He knew that I was never going to get out.

More magpies came every single second. Biting on my bones until I was but nothing. I pleaded for help but I was already dead. For me I was just a person in a dark and mysterious house never to get out.



That’s why I’m always last Andy. For what again. Being last in everything. Oh ok. How are you going to get back at everyone? By paying a little trick. I set each classroom with stink bombs to fall from ceilings. That’s not all. Also in the playground, yard, garden and s.p.c. after I will have my revenge.

What do you think Andy well to start it well cost a lot, hard to set up and when are we going to do it. I won’t do it but I will have my revenge for I am Andy.

                                     The pencils

There’s a little known fact in are neighbourhood you don’t mess with the pencils. The most ruthless gang ever. Red pencil, grey led, blue pencil, erasable pen and blue pen.

As they progress through the streets of the suburb franklin only at night. People say they have been here since the dawn of time.

Nobody’s bothers them except the other gangs breaking them in their bare hands. They say they’re going to make them extinct. I think they’re going to be here until the end of time.

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June 4

btn pollution

air pollution effects a lot of people in India. air pollution is by how many harmful participles around you. why has the Indian government is not taking a stand on pollution. it makes it very toxic and India has double the amount of pollution ligeal. why is the world not helping the countries that need help.

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June 4

in a flash of lighting

in a flash of lighting i saw my whole life flicker at a second then i saw visions  flash by my eyes until i looked on the raider. i couldn’t see where we were in the vast universe i finally pulled my self together. i got zapped in to a distant place in the universe i landed on the closest planet that i could see but there was no land just gooey stuff so i walked far until i saw some thing it was a town in that was from the 1950s then i saw the Sydney opera house we are not on a different planet we are on earth.

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June 1

essedon footy clinic

we had a footy clinic with some of the essendon footy league we all did hand balls and then we did it in a team and ten we kicked it and handballs. then we finally played a footy game and we almost won until they kicked the last goal. it was very interesting clinic

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