July 30

read like a reader


I think that this story will be about little ania and her being strange in a way may be how she can control things by her mind or she just different in a way.


I wonder why they have all the magical power to fly and to eat flowers pot. I wonder why the old man was there. Why did their parents not tell her?


I infer that the old man was there on purpose to tell the girl. I think that the daughter and mother will fly every night on their broomsticks.


Some of the unusual things that she does like when she sleeps under the bed like when it is hard to sleep. Also when you don’t want to eat your dinner


I felt like this story was very different and strange but has a good meaning that it is good to be different because it doesn’t matter if you’re different.


I thought the idea was very original and the story was very good. They should’ve told us who are great great grandfather was at the hostipal.

July 28

eleven read like a writer


That you are not actually felt eleven you are always five, three and seven. She is always goings to be all the aged that she went through.


I like the pace that the story goes. Because it starts with her being eleven. And is also about school and friends.


She feels like she is sad because she isn’t really eleven. I think it was it has happened before. She also sad because before she turns 12 she well just turn eleven.

Word choice

It was interesting how they put the text. They put mines, lunchtime and mountains. The way they put it in the structure.

Sentence fluency

How they do the paragraphs the sentences the order the storey goes. The sentences are put in an order of the story.


I didn’t see any punctuation errors. The grammar that they used was very effective to the story.

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