July 30

read like a reader


I think that this story will be about little ania and her being strange in a way may be how she can control things by her mind or she just different in a way.


I wonder why they have all the magical power to fly and to eat flowers pot. I wonder why the old man was there. Why did their parents not tell her?


I infer that the old man was there on purpose to tell the girl. I think that the daughter and mother will fly every night on their broomsticks.


Some of the unusual things that she does like when she sleeps under the bed like when it is hard to sleep. Also when you don’t want to eat your dinner


I felt like this story was very different and strange but has a good meaning that it is good to be different because it doesn’t matter if you’re different.


I thought the idea was very original and the story was very good. They should’ve told us who are great great grandfather was at the hostipal.

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2 thoughts on “read like a reader

  1. tara2016

    I really liked it although I would say that for evaluation you could ad a bit more. I found predict was very similier to mine so Ithought that was good. Also next time double check because I found a mistake.

  2. charlie2014

    Hello Rowan,
    I liked your reflection because you seem to understand the story well and you observed the 6 read like a reader concepts well. I found your view on the originality of the piece interesting. Something you could improve on is choosing different words to make it make more sense.
    Good job!


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