August 31

the devil

then suddenly it went dark. all this colours went at me and i was going through an endless abyss of colours. after about an hour i was going crazy and then it just ended. i was in a place with a lot of fire then it came to me. i was in hell! then i saw a thing going around me at 100mph. then i got dizzy but he stopped and said why are you here in my house. i don’t now i just came here. i’m guessing this was good then i’ll send you back. in a click of a button i was at home. what a horrible place.

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August 18

reading homework

At the start of the story I think it’s a human then I think it’s an animal and then I think it’s a dog and at the end we I knew it was a cat called Sammie. He gets bigger over time and also his ears growing and all of his body parts.

Because he’s a cat he doesn’t have much intelligence. He knows that the world is his home and that he knows his way around. His homeless so he has been in a home for a whole at the end of the story. He learns how the world worlds and how people don’t care about him at all.

He feels sad because he has no home and he’s happy because he found a home under the lookout and that is how he got his home. Some of his home gets bulldozed so he is very vulnerable at that time.

He loves people a lot and likes when they touch his ears and pats him and he loves the little boy from the family. He doesn’t have many friends in his story because he is homeless. People through him out to the curve because his a homeless cat with no place to call home.

He believes that he can take care of himself and his alright under the lookout and everything alright. He believes this way because he has no home so he thinks he can take care of himself. He finds an out and then he knows that he can’t take care of himself and he needs other people in his life.


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August 17

laughing seals

It was a beautiful day in warrnambool and I was going for a morning run on the beach. While I was sprinting on the sand, I saw something very peculiar. It was a herd of seals and they were all laughing! it was very strange. The next day I decided to test what would happen if I took a radio and play music. They started dancing. Later that day, I went to a marine biologist to ask him why the seals did that. “Dancing is in their blood so they are made for it.” said the marine biologist.  I decided never to go back to that beach.

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August 14

charcters of Charles

Laurie is the main character because Charles is his imaginary friend. his. Charles imagines him like a very bad kid that does very bad stuff like pushing people. Charles looks like a bad kid and he does’t wear any jackets when it’t cold and he doesn’t need any help from anyone else.

the the mother really like wants to find out what his Charles’s mother looks and she aspects here to look very cool and relaxed. because she wants to know what she looks like.

Charles seems like a very not happy kid because he gets in trouble a lot. the parents soon find out that Charles is his imaginary friends. the parent got disappointed because she wanted to see Charles mother.

the parents know that his son has an imaginary friend. he was talking about this bad kid called Charles and at the end we find out that it’s his imaginary friend. that every body has an imaginary friend.

she started by doing the theme and then the characters and then the setting and problem. the author maybe had a son and he also so has imaginary friends. it has interesting problem of the bad boy Charles and he is acutely imaginary.

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August 12

scarlet, cushion, annoying, watered, violin

i was running  through the woods and i tripped on a violin but it didn’t brake. the violin on one side it was cushion and on the other hard it was very strange and even stranger it was very annoying and talked to me i thought it got weird  took him to my house on granthem st  and i wanted to question him.

where do you come from. i come from outer space. so your an alien to you yes. why are you here it’s a top secret i watered him to talk. still no so i asked him what his name is it’s scarlet OK.

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August 7


I liked it because it was very original and I also thought that it was a true story the concept of true love just thought it was very touching. I also thought it was about loss friends and love and that’s why I like it.

The theme could be loss true love or friendship but I truly think it’s about love in the short story it says “you do not know the true meaning of love.” And she tells us what it really is and who it is and when it is.

The people that will get the most from this story would be people that have been through an emotional time like what happened in the story to joseph. Also people that have cancer and other medical problems.

That she is very sad that her friend is dyeing and he is just holding in there for the last moment and she is demonstrating what the true meaning of love and loss.

I thought that she says the meaning of love all through the story and how it goes darker and darker until he dies. There is a lot of ups and down throughout life.

The message was to live every day like it’s your last and the true meaning of love and the theme was loss and love because she loses his friend that she loved.

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August 3

100w.c. but then flash made me

i was just getting ready for my school photo but then the flash made me close my eyes. so we tried again. it happened again. they didn’t know what to do. we tried with somebody holding my eyes open. but my eyes were to strong. we tried with pliers. but i had to much strength. until we got the toughest kids in school to hold the eyes open he was Dan and man. ( literately his name was man.) they pulled and pulled and pulled until we finally got it in line. he got the best picture ever. thats the story of how i couldn’t take my picture.

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