September 17

100w.c. so… what lies ahead of

so… what  lies ahead of the thing zone. today’s were going to talk about mark in a house full of ravens. mark thinks that he can get out the window but one of the ravens swooped in a peaked me on the face. as i went back i lay there and saw the ravens one by one peak at my skin and i was only bones but i was still reaching for the window seeing one future me getting out. seeing my doom 1000 times again and again forever. then i released it was a prison. but only for me.

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September 10

100wc the footprint

I saw the footprints of a beast, a monster, the goblins and an il Tigre. But it felt like the monsters were breathing on me. But I couldn’t see them and felt they were in me. The beasts were in the night waiting for me to come out. The il Tigre is the worst of all of them all because he is getting close but not to close. The goblins are all around you but claw at your skin until there is nothing left of you but your shivering bones. “Can you get my dragon toy, mom.”

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