October 25

100wc survival

As the door slammed I knew I was in danger I slowly with no noise pulled my M4 out. I walked up the long and old stairs with no hesitation. I saw him right by the mirror. I shot him right through the head. I got everything I needed. Off I went to the rusty car driving nights and nights never having a soul. I have got a long road to get to the centre. I don’t know if I’ll stay alive but I do know one thing I will hunt them all down.

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October 22

100wc M for murder

It was a dark and stormy night. As I crept up to the window. I remembered that I was going to go out for a walk in the rain with my dog max. I was walking down the gravely track until I got to the lake. Max was wondering into the lake. Chills went into my bones. It felt like I couldn’t move. I walked closer and pulled it out. It looked like the killer stabbed and bashed him repeatedly. I fell to the ground speechless and wondered how this could have happened. For that is just how it works

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October 12

100wc holidays

The highlight of the holidays was going to Marlo it is where the snowy meets the sea I surfed, fished and kayaked I had a Parma at the pub and caught a fish or two. I stayed at my nana for one night and I did nothing.

To make up for the time on the holidays I played a few games on the PS4 like titinfall 2, uncharted the lost legacy, COD BO3, hue, star wars battlefront 2, knack 2 and journey that is what I did these holidays but I am just scratching the surface.

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October 11


I am the player that saves the goals

I am a gamer that helps people

I am a boy that loves my dog

I am a brother that is kind

I am an entertainer under pressure

I am a swimmer and a student

I am rowan

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