December 17

year 6 reflection

It has been a very short year because I remember nothing but these are the only ones. I remember the MIVIMP concert when I forgot my music and I forgot where I was supposed to go and got lost. The camp this year and had pretty much everything. But my favourite was surfing because the waves were beautiful there was also the pt challenge and we got a picture of a beetle and a vw. In the end we came first. There was also the buddies excursion to Coburg park a few days ago and had a great time with my buddy Stefan. The animal adaptions project was an interesting I loved diorama of the bird that I forgot the name. When I played sepep I loved I came second out of 10 teams we versed in the finals the emojis. We lost 2/5. That concludes my reflection.

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December 15

book reflection

The one and only Ivan

The one and only Ivan starts very well telling about the characters and everything really well. Once you got half way you want the animals to end up in a zoo. But then you also want them to stay there. Altogether the story was very slow but still very engaging but it wasn’t all about Ivan. Ivan being a gorilla and ruby the elephant grow together and has a bond in a mall. The one thing I didn’t like about this story was that there was no action.

The characters were engaging and exiting. The author is Katharine Apple gate and does a great job. I like that Ivan confronts his past to remember it and grows as a gorilla. Everything blended well together they work well and is exciting. I give this book a 8.7/10

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December 11

100 w.c. zombies

the tiger was blocking the door as the zombies were nearing me and the i sliced the tiger in half and ran for my life. but then i came to a no through corridor. and then i realised i had to slice and dice with my double bladed sword. i felt no souls coming from the zombies. i came to the coffee shop and had a cup of Joe. out here there is only zombies lost in my soul. i’m at the exit. i saw the light i was finally there but there was more to explore

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October 25

100wc survival

As the door slammed I knew I was in danger I slowly with no noise pulled my M4 out. I walked up the long and old stairs with no hesitation. I saw him right by the mirror. I shot him right through the head. I got everything I needed. Off I went to the rusty car driving nights and nights never having a soul. I have got a long road to get to the centre. I don’t know if I’ll stay alive but I do know one thing I will hunt them all down.

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October 22

100wc M for murder

It was a dark and stormy night. As I crept up to the window. I remembered that I was going to go out for a walk in the rain with my dog max. I was walking down the gravely track until I got to the lake. Max was wondering into the lake. Chills went into my bones. It felt like I couldn’t move. I walked closer and pulled it out. It looked like the killer stabbed and bashed him repeatedly. I fell to the ground speechless and wondered how this could have happened. For that is just how it works

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October 12

100wc holidays

The highlight of the holidays was going to Marlo it is where the snowy meets the sea I surfed, fished and kayaked I had a Parma at the pub and caught a fish or two. I stayed at my nana for one night and I did nothing.

To make up for the time on the holidays I played a few games on the PS4 like titinfall 2, uncharted the lost legacy, COD BO3, hue, star wars battlefront 2, knack 2 and journey that is what I did these holidays but I am just scratching the surface.

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October 11


I am the player that saves the goals

I am a gamer that helps people

I am a boy that loves my dog

I am a brother that is kind

I am an entertainer under pressure

I am a swimmer and a student

I am rowan

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September 17

100w.c. so… what lies ahead of

so… what  lies ahead of the thing zone. today’s were going to talk about mark in a house full of ravens. mark thinks that he can get out the window but one of the ravens swooped in a peaked me on the face. as i went back i lay there and saw the ravens one by one peak at my skin and i was only bones but i was still reaching for the window seeing one future me getting out. seeing my doom 1000 times again and again forever. then i released it was a prison. but only for me.

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September 10

100wc the footprint

I saw the footprints of a beast, a monster, the goblins and an il Tigre. But it felt like the monsters were breathing on me. But I couldn’t see them and felt they were in me. The beasts were in the night waiting for me to come out. The il Tigre is the worst of all of them all because he is getting close but not to close. The goblins are all around you but claw at your skin until there is nothing left of you but your shivering bones. “Can you get my dragon toy, mom.”

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