May 26


These are my goals of semester 1

One of my goals is to care more about my dairy to do this is to put more info in it my diary to keep up to track in info. To read more books to do this is to read more recommended books to keep me going. In HOTmaths I never read the lesson notes and just skim and scan so what I have to do is to read everything that is there to read better. To speak more in class to do that is to put my hand up and ask questions not to get not be stuck in my chair to do nothing.

The things I have done to do this is to

The thing I have done is I’ve put all the info to everything that is going on and put in all of my homework for the week and the dates to send notes home and hand notes in. what I have done to read is to read at school and at home sometimes and to read more tips genres and books out there and red them. In HOTmaths I have read all through the lesson notes learning a lot more and understand more about the topic. I have now frequently put my hand up in class and make my own opinion for a reason.

Goals for semester 2

What I have to work on is to question people in class for info or opinion which is like debating about information. I also need some help in fractions and decimals to help me to see whole numbers in a way. In literacy I want to learn more tier 3 language to express myself in writing and get better at persuasive text and writing. After I read a book I should ask questions about a book and see and make an opinion or prediction on what is going to happen in the story to write the story.