February 6

letter to senada

Dear Senada

I hope you like me in your class. This is the second time I have ever been in the class and I am moving to grade 6 to 5/6. My family means a lot to me because my dad’s Australian and my mums Spanish. My brothers and I always fight every day. On the holiday I had a fun time at Marlo when the snowy river meets the sea we went fisher on are kayaks and got three snappers and they were delicious.

. I like to write and read types of genres. I love to watch movies and TV shows me the best movie I watched this year was hunt for the wilderpeople and the best TV show was a tie between stranger things. I also in Marlo we brought am dog max which is a Australian cattle dog and he loves going to the beach but is afraid of getting into water. I also went to a lot of beaches which was very fun

I hope we have a great year

From rowan