December 11


The sound of noisy children hurt my delicate ears. I looked around and saw 6ft giants walking near me. I felt like my hurt was about to burst and my throat was about to collapse.

But I also realised that there was in class P.E, activities, drawing writing and art. School is also one of the best experiences in the world but it wasn’t all like that to me.

School was not what they told you in the pamphlets. My first day was rough. I didn’t know anything. The only thing I knew was my home. School was like a battle ground anything could’ve happen. I was a victim of Derek’s bullying. I didn’t know what to do. It was foolish to fight him because it didn’t solve my frustration it just made it worst. Until one day.

Hey Derek. I said. “What’s up?” well it is going to be you today. Said Derek. “Not today.” I pulled him up onto the coat hanger with all my strength. As I saw him hanging frantically I said. This is my town know and from now forth no one should be hanged, hit or chased.

Then after when we were away from all the darkness and yonder pain at are cherished school, everyone rejoiced but don’t rejoice yet because evil is lurking around the corner.